Sterling Virtuoso Euphonium 4 valve Comp. CHF 6499.-
(approx. GBP 4095 / US $6349 / 5190)

Sterling Virtuoso Euphonium CHF 6'499.- (approx. 4,999 / $5,999 / 6,599)

(List Price : CHF 9'599.- / 7,699.00 / $12,299.00 / 9,699.00)

This spectacular hand-made 4 valve compensating Euphonium is the culmination of many years of development with some of the world’s finest players. This has resulted in a truly outstanding instrument for today’s discerning musicians. The traditional euphonium sound, ease of playing in all registers is enhanced by the excellent intonation throughout the entire range.

Bell diameter:300mm or 304.8mm standard gauge = yellow brass

1st, 2nd, 3rd


Finish:Bright silver plate with optional 24ct gold plated fitting or slides and fittings
Valves:Stainless Steel Pistons
Compensating system:Automatic
The range of available options is, by far, the largest available to euphonium players, giving the opportunity to create the euphonium of your dreams.  


- Red brass, standard gauge  +CHF149.-

- Yellow or red brass heavy gauge +CHF516

- Copper (on request)

- Sterling Silver : as from January 1st 2010, the UK specifications for Sterling Silver changed from 93% pure to 99% pure, making it too soft to braze (solder) onto the bottom bow. Consequently, we are sorry to say that this option is no longer available.

- Rimless, no turn over.  Very strong, punchy sound, ideal for jazz, solo work. 

Bottom Bow:

*With protection cap and guard wire
Guard wire only 
Branch: *With protection cap and guard wire
Guard wire only 
Hand Grip: Can  be positioned to suit


*Off bell, with centre brace
Off bell, no centre brace
Soldered onto bell

Bottom caps:

Heavy +CHF99 each

Main Tuning Slide:Trigger +CHF714

2nd Slide:

Pull ring or amado water key
Braces:Positioned to your requirements

* Denotes fittings on standard models.

Gold plated fittings +CHF314

Gold plating slides & fittings +CHF776

Case +CHF359

Please note :  because each instrument is hand-made to your personal specifications, delivery can vary from between 15 and 60 days after order. To purchase an instrument, please click on the Standard instrument BUY NOW button to pay a non-refundable deposit. The balance to be paid when your instrument is ready for delivery. You should communicate any special requests and/or options to us within 3 DAYS of paying the deposit, otherwise it will be presumed that a standard model is required. You will receive our written confirmation of your requirements.

Standard model, silver plate CHF 6'499.-

Non-refundable deposit of
CHF 999.-